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DocBook User Documentation


I would like to use DocBook to create the documentation for a project
I'm working on (see signature) but have been unable to find instructions
for generating various formats of output.

An exception to that complaint is the set of instructions in docbook2x-doc
for translating DocBook documents into (nroff) man or texinfo documents.
These simply present a means for converting documents.

I guess what I'm really loooking for is a cookbook that says "This is how
to make HTML out of DocBook.  This is how to generate PostScript."  I have
not been able to find anything like that.  Most of the documentation I
have found seems intent on teaching me the inner workings of DSSSL, which
I really don't care about.

Something Debian-specific would be ideal (e.g. "Install this package, do
this to create a PDF."), but I'll take something less specific if that's
all that is out there.  Any suggestions?

I have been able to find documentation for marking up a document with the
DocBook DTD, so that is not a problem.


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