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Re: devel libc6 hosed my sendmail

Ian Marlier <ian@onepost.net> wrote:
>I upgraded my system to the newest libc6 in order to get iptables to
>work, and discovered 2 things:
>1) iptables still doesn't work
>2) sendmail is broken now, because of the berkeley DB 2 problem.
>But I can't just use apt or dpkg or something to go back to the
>stable version of libc6, because everything and its mother depends on

Did you also upgrade sendmail to unstable? Partial upgrades may work -
should work - but aren't necessarily perfectly supported.

>When I tried, the list of things that would have to be removed
>included all of my shells, everything in /usr/local, basically
>everything except the kernel itself.

The version of apt in unstable supports mass downgrading. See the
apt_preferences(5) man page.

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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