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Re: apt-get/dselect-problem

moin moin Joost!

On Wed, 11 Jul 2001 18:13:44 +0200 you were able to write:

> If you want to update from ftp, uncomment all but the ftp uris.

> If you do not want to update all packages, put the ones that you do
> not want to upgrade on hold.  If you want to track only a few packages,
> put everything on hold first and then unhold the few.

Hm, I yust wanna update few debs day by day. If I understand it the right
way, I can make an 'apt-get update' and then install my wanted deb with
"apt-get [deb]. Right?

[complicated dselct;)]

Well, what's going to happed with dependencies at all. You also mentioned
it. Is there another file that contains every installed deb, its version
and it dependencies? If yes, I can do update my sources.list as long as I
want because that just contain debs *to install*.

Please correct my if I'm wrong;)

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