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multihomed linux box


i have this setup on 2 machines

Machine A
\ eth0 ---> Switch --> Router A(65.xxx.xx.x.x) --> Internet
\ eth1 --> Switch --> Router B (63.xx.x.x.x.x) --> Internet

Machine B
\ eth0 --> Switch --> Router A (65.xx.x.x.x.x) --> internet
\ eth1 --> Switch --> Router B (63.xx.x.x.x) --> internet

what i can't figure out is how to get it so if one route fails
it will take the other. i have routed installed but im not sure
if it will do what i want.

what i have:

/sbin/route add -net netmask gw MY_GATEWAY metric 0
/sbin/route add -net netmask gw ALT_GATEWAY metric 1

so i ssh to a machien it shows me comming from MY_GATEWAY's ip
network. so i unplug the router, and try to ssh. nothing. try
to ping using -i, nothing. once i remove the route to MY_GATEWAY
i can ping/ssh again.  each interface has a different IP address.
its not really multihomed in the sense that to the outside world
i have 1 ip address and it can be reached through either provider
(2 different T1 providers) i just want failover route setup.

/etc/gateway's manpage:
 /etc/gateways is comprised of a series of lines,  each  in
       the following format:

       [  net | host ] name1 gateway name2 metric value [ passive
       | active | external ]

       The net or host keyword indicates if the  route  is  to  a
       network or specific host.

       Name1  is  the  name  of  the destination network or host.
       This may be a symbolic name located  in  /etc/networks  or

that doesn't seem to do what i want as both networks will
be ''.

from route's manpage:
       metric M
              set  the metric field in the routing table (used by
              routing daemons) to M.

from the looks of it routed just does RIP on linux which is not
what i want. my routers are setup to use static routing, so there
is no routing protocols in use.

in simple: if route 1 fails i want to use route 2 instead.

oh and im running debian 2.2r3/linux.2.2.19 on 1 machine
and debian testing(a month or so old) with 2.2.19 on the

maybe there is another 'routing daemon' that i could use?



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