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file transfer via serial link to windows box


I have a notebook, with (currently) no network card, a broken floppy
drive that will read, but not write, running windows 95.

I need to get some files from it to a floppy disk

I have a floppy disk drive on my liunx desktop and a serial cable.

Does anyone know what simple small program I can uses to transfer files
from the notebook to the desktop.

ppp is not an option, since I have no way of getting the windows install
files onto the notebook for it's dial-up networking

PLIP is no good, since I don't have a parallel cable, and it's not so
terrible, that I'm going to go and buy one :)

so whatever softeware needed on the windows box needs to be small and
not need anything fancy on the windows side

Something like laplink would be good (I tried to run it under wine - but
didn't work)

cheers dc

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