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Re: [OT] Harassment of open source developer !

Am 04. Jul, 2001 schwäzte Balbir Thomas so:

> Yet another case of open source developers being harassed. Adobe lawyers
> ask developer of killustrator to pay fines for using a name that abuses
> their trade mark illustrator. Go read about it at slashdot , and then
> give your feedback to Adobe. I already did. We can't let such harassment
> go without being protested. If I were a conspiracy theorist I would see
> a pattern here . While corporation are leagly portected to indulge in
> some kinds of "negative advertising" as a "competitive stratergy" open
> source developer are sued because the english language words are now
> "trademarks".

Nothing new. In the 80's a New Yorker was sued for selling Hebrew Bookshelf
or something. m$ said it infringed on their "bookshelf" series. It was
software, so he lost ( or couldn't fight it, don't know which ).

Try writing a "nutshell" book on something to do with computers and see what
kind of messages you get from Tim O'Reilly ;-). He's even on our side and I
still bet he'd sue.


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