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Re: [OT] Attn: HP Pavilion 9680C (US) owners

On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 12:19:26PM -0400, User zos wrote:
> I had the same problem with getting drivers for an HP printer once. I find
> it totally absurd that you pay to buy a printer (or a computer) from a
> company and when you lose the driver disk you have to literally BUY
> another one from them. How is this even legal? By owning the printer you
> automatically should own a driver set and if you lose that, the company
> should make one easily available to you. Boy, I remember the day when you
> could just download pretty much any driver you need from the internet. Not
> on HPs site.....
> What's funny is now microsoft is going to try to charge people to *rent*
> their software. Does this mean that one day you will *rent* the drivers
> from HP for a few months or so and then have to rent them again if you
> need to reinstall? Can't we do something about this? I mean really, can't
> you all see that most of the computer idustry is a big scam? I'm sure you
> can.

I thought we _were_ doing something about it by maintaining an alternative to
the Microsoft monopoly. You may not be able to change how the other companies
handle their customer service except to take your business elsewhere.

My wife has an HP desktop. It's the worst machine we've ever owned. My answer
is to never buy another machine from them, and to also not recommend them to
anybody who might ask my opinion. The same with Gateway. My laptop is a Solo
9300cs. It's wonderful (except for the fecking WinModem) but Gateway has the
worst customer support imaginable. My answer is to never buy from them again,

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