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Re: [OT] Attn: HP Pavilion 9680C (US) owners

Hang on, i'll try to fetch one for you.
stay in touch(1) :P

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From: "Martin F. Krafft" <madduck@madduck.net>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 11:13 PM
Subject: [OT] Attn: HP Pavilion 9680C (US) owners

> hi all,
> please forgive this post, i am at the end of my wisdom, and HP prove
> to be dorks on all counts again. This has nothing to do with this
> list, but i spent a solid week now on the net and in touch with other
> people, trying to get help at no success. i figure that there's got to
> be some people even on this list that can help me...
> I am in desperate need for some drivers off the HP Pavilion 9680C (US)
> recovery CD, which, of course, you can't download at hp.com. They
> shipped their systems with that Conexant SoftK56 piece of junk modem.
> I had to reinstall Win98 (please feel free to express your sympathy
> via email!), and all the drivers and all the help i could get (mainly
> driverguide.com) are useless - according to HP I need the original
> drivers off the recovery CD if I want my modem to work.
> Moreover, they are throughly rude on the phone, you can clearly see
> how the most important thing at HP too is the money... (they wanted to
> charge me $25 per 15 minutes because i called from germany, even
> though the US system i had purchased was still within warranty). ack!
> Does anyone have that CD?
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> due to lack of interest tomorrow has been cancelled.
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