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Re: Exim & include files

On Tuesday, July 03, 2001 1:14 AM, wallan@elec.gla.ac.uk wroted:
> I'm trying to get exim to [...]
> do something along the lines of :
> if $h_from: contains "<any-line-from-the-file>"
> then
> freeze text "Hello big boy"
> endif

A couple of ideers:

If the file doesn't change much (and isn't
large), maybe write an m4-or-something
script that builds a filter file with the
target values hardcoded--possibly a series
of ifs or a single long delimited target
string for one contains test.

The pipe command might be a useful
mechanism.  Send all candidate messages
(hopefully, there is a way to roughly
qualify messages for this process) to
a pipe that checks against your file.
The pipe could add a header to the
message that indicates the result of the
test, then resubmit the message to exim.

Neither of these sounds all that great so
I hope you receive a more intelligent
response from someone else.


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