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Re: limiting "ps" command on every user..

Yo can take a look at http://www.rsbac.de/. This software give you a secured
linux environment and provides a patch to the kernel (called hypersec), that
adds more security to the kernel. One option is /proc protection.

There is arround there a lot of other patches providing similiar functionality,
you only have to download the patch and apply it to the kernel.

	I've often wondered why the kernel doesn't have this feature as a compile 
	time option.  Certain other OSes allow this feature (primarily those which
	need military security ratings). 

	I don't think the wrapper idea is a very secure one, because anyone can simply 
	read the information from /proc.  What realy needs to be done is to have an
	option to the /proc filesystem kernel module (perhaps it exists now, but it
 	didn't last time I looked, so forgive me if my info is out of date).

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