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Ximian-Gnome/Sawfish Configuration and ESD

Hi people,

It has been sometime since I last wrote to the list. I recently upgraded
by box (the previous hardware all but blew up on me due to a faulty
power supply - CPU, MB, AGP, HD and all...) to an Althlon Thunderbird
1Ghz/Epox 8KTA3/Maxtor 20Gb ATA 100, etc. Having reinstalled Potato R3
and Ximian Gnome, I changed the /etc/apt/sources.list to point to
Testing to install some packages from Testing (e.g. OpenSSH 2.5.2,
tcpdump, nmap, etc) with libgnomeprint11 and some related packages put
on HOLD (it causes problems with Ximian Gnome 1.4). I also did a apt-get
upgrade (not apt-get dist-upgrade!). Also, I downgraded libesd0,
esound-common, esound, etc back to the Potato version....

1. Now here is my problem, esd is not started everytime I fire up Gnome
(startx gnome-session). I have to manually fire it up else the
Gnome-Session will take a much longer time to start. Also, whenever I
click on Settings, it takes some time before the window opens up. I
figure its the esd daemon since tty0 (where I fire up X) displays an
error "Unable to find UNIX socket /var/run/esound/socket".

2. Also, under Settings, nothing happens when I click on the Sawfish
Settings to configure the Sawfish window manager. The error message I
get on tty0 (where I started X) is something about unable to find/run
GTK...(will post the exact error when I get back home tonight).

Here is my system config:-

Kernel 2.4.5 with ATA 100 patch from kernel.org
Debian GNU/Linux 2.2R3 / Testing
Ximian Gnome 1.4
XFree 4.0.3

Thanks in advance.

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