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Re: Netscape setup

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 11:59:20AM -0500, Larry W. Irwin Sr. wrote:
>   I just installed Debian potato and want to use Netscape. I went to the Debian
>  website and found two .deb packages, netscape-base-476_4.76-1.deb and 
> netscape-base4_4.76-1.deb. These packages installed properly but I don't
> know what to do with them.

Do you mean that you downloaded the .deb files manually?  Not necessary.
>   What do I need to do?

Use dselect.  Do an "update", enter "select" and search for the netscape
packages with "/netsc" in the list of packages.  Select the ones you want.
Select the ones dselect tells you are also necessary.  Run "install".



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