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Re: how to prevent apt-get upgrading a package?

On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 02:07:08PM +0100, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> Is it possible to tell apt-get to hold a package and not upgrade it when
> using dist-upgrade? 

It's called dselect.  But it is a secret.  If you tell anyone about it,
the cabal will have to send a mob onto you.  ;-)

Don't forget to rtfm, both the manpage and the key mapping online help
screen in dselect.  Then simply set apt as your "access" method, run
"update", in the "select" screen, set packages to hold as you like,
the run "install"


Quoting from the dpkg(8) manpage:

       dpkg  is a medium-level tool to install, build, remove and
       manage Debian GNU/Linux packages.  The  primary  and  more
       user-friendly  front-end  for  dpkg  is  dselect(8).  dpkg
       itself is controlled entirely via command line parameters,


       dpkg  maintains  some  usable  information about available
       packages. The information is  divided  in  three  classes:
       states,  selection  states  and  flags.   These values are
       intended to be changed mainly with dselect.



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