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Re: Getting hyped about a possible of Debian PPC on an iMac DV Special Edition.

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 11:37:21PM -0600, Patrick Klee wrote:
> Hi Debian community,
>     I want to install Debian on an iMac DV Special Edition and Compaq
> Presario 9232, made in 1996.  It's a P120 with 40 MB of RAM, but I need to
> know what is compatible.  For example, I have a Que CD Burner.  A kritter
> USB webcam and a DVD player, a USB epson stylus scan 2500 and a USB wheel

don't even talk to me about epson printers....

> mouse, two buttons, by Kensington.  Oh! and an ATI rage 128 graphics card on
> the mac, and Quantum Fireball hard drives 1 and 1.2 gig on the PC.

the iMac is all fine with Debian, get potato r3 CDs and they should
boot it nicely.  

i don't know anything about the compaq.  its not powerpc and thus is
OT here.  

> If anyone can point me to howtos and compatabilities list, I would
> appriciate it.  Like what tools to and and how to partition the disk.  I get

you must do partitioning correctly, you must NOT create linux
partitions with apple tools:




> my x86 and PPC CDs hopefuly real son so I can learn debian.  SuSE sucked,
> because I paid $50 and found outit had a bad boot loader, and I have had Red
> Hat from 4.2 to 7.0-respin on x86 and now 7.1 or Mandrake 8.0 don't work I
> get IRC timouts, but who cares, Debian is what I use in college.  And I hear
> WONDERFUL things about debian...get a cd and apt-get for life!  :-)
> Long live Debian, the chice of a GNU Generation.
> Patrick
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Ethan Benson

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