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Re: Java and flash plugin for Mozilla

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 09:41:57AM -0300, Christoph Simon wrote:
> That's what I did: Because of a comment I read in debian-user, I
> started Mozilla first as root (giving myself the permisions) and
> visited a site I knew is using java. Then I just had to follow the
> dialog boxes. and voilà! Now it's working also for a normal user---up
> to the point that java is not crashing. If it weren't for the bank, I
> wouldn't want to install it.

Hmm... I'm trying to do the same here, with the 0.9.1 packages from
unstable/non-us. I start Mozilla as root, and the Java 2 plugin
(I visit java.sun.com) seems to install fine (it says so in the
browser window). However, when I then close Mozilla, it is unable
to start. It says that some kind of installation is in progress,
I have to restart. It comes again and again.
I saw in one of the replies that there was an xpicleanup process
running, however, this is not the case on my machine. There is
no xpicleanup process running, so none to kill. I even rebooted
the machine once, but it still wouldn't start. I then removed
the xpicleanup.dat file, then it starts.
But then Java doesn't work, it prompts me again for installation
when I visit a Java site, despite some java stuff lying in
/usr/lib/mozilla-0.9.1. It also doesn't show up when I type
about:plugins as URL. Frustrated, I then delete /usr/lib/mozilla-0.9.1,
and copy back an old one.

Can somebody help?
Alex Suzuki ..::.. asuzuki@bluewin.ch ..::.. http://www.cynox.ch
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