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Re: Mount windows drive within another machine (network)

nico de haer wrote:
> Juan,
> Share the drive under windows, and use samba (the smbmount part) to mount it
> somewhere on your Linux system. One warning: un-mount the share *before* you
> turn off your windows box or before it *crashes* Linux doesn't like mounts
> to go without saying bye.

In defense of smbfs, I must say that many Windows machines with
smbmounted shares have been taken down or crashed here, without a
smbumount on the Linux side, and have not had a deleterious effect on
the Linux server.  You're just going to get a bunch of I/O errors when
you try to access the files.  For that reason (I use smbfs to do backups
of the Win machines), I always *unmount* the shares in my backup
scripts, then remount them.

I'm running Samba 2.0.7.  You're results may vary...

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