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Re: [Q]: Exim no longer using smarthost?

"Marshall, Hunter" <hunter.marshall@viasat.com> writes:

> I have somehow dorked my exim config (this is NOT the result of a version
> change). I am desparate to get back to being able to send out mail (by NOT
> using Outlook).
> Today I diddled the exim.conf and the aliases file. Somewhere my mail
> stopped going out. It appears that exim is trying to connect to the
> recipients directly. I reran eximconfig and took a default aliases and
> exim.conf file for using a smarthost. I updated the exim.conf file to
> reflect the authentication details that my smtp machine requires. Things are
> still snafu'ed. I even found a copy of my exim.conf that I emailed to
> someone a few weeks ago, and it also fails. That should be a known working
> conf-file.
> It doesn't seem to using the smarthost info.

Posting your exim.conf here might help.


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