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Re: How to create a local archive of debian ftp ?


On Thursday 21 June 2001 09:26, you spoke wisely:
> Well, I've tried to configure and use apt-move in order to mirror woody
> from ftp.fr.debian.org.
> Things seems to go well, but my local archive is about 500 Mo and lot and
> lot of packages are missing.

How's you're sources.list?
You have to enter your local archive before the external sources, otherwise 
apt-move will download the whole archive from external everytime. You have to 
enter all the sources which you want to mirror in you sources.list file with 
the appropriate dists.

Remember to run apt-get update before running apt-move mirror.
> Do you know what's going wrong ?
> How big is your local archive ?
as i wrote in the last mail, about 4 or 5 GB

temporarily you need nearly the duplicate space cause apt-move first 
downloads the packages to cache and then afterwards moves it into the mirror 

> Do you know if there is something I've badly configured ?
> My .exclude is empty. Can I send you my apt-move.conf file ?
> Thanks for your reply,
> With kind regards.
> Gaël Pegliasco.

Do you get any errors from apt-move like "Tried to dequeue fetching object" 
or something?

You can send me your apt-move.conf but i don't think that the error is in 
this configuration file.

If you have a dialup connection it may be that your provider kicked you off 
and apt-move aborted cause it was not possible to connect to the host.

Are the packages-files generated? Can you access your local mirror correctly 
with dselect or apt?

in hope for a solution,


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