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Re: memory


> a) I read that sometimes linu doesn't see all the ram you have installed
> your machine.
> How can I verify hao much ram does my debian sees? And how can I correct
> the situation in case there's something wrong?

This is a problem with some BIOSes AFAIK.  Type:-

   # cat /proc/meminfo

for memory information.

If you have more memory than it says, at the boot: prompt type:-

  boot: linux mem=128M

for example.  To make this permanent, add the following line to


and then type "lilo".  When you reboot it should pick up all
the memory.  Replace 128M with your memory size too!

> b) how can I know how much space on my disk is free and how much is not
> free? Which is the utility?

Type "df" and it will tell you.

My mail config "just worked" so I couldnt help you with that! :p

Hope this helps,

- Chris.

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