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isdnutils + dynamic dns (ms-get-dns in ipppd(8))


For everyone who wants to use ms-get-dns with ipppd, here
is my bug-report against isdnutils and the response
I got (from Paul Slootman):

Subject: Re: Bug#81411: ipppd and dynamic dns

> In my opinion there should be support for the ipppd-option
> "ms-get-dns" (see ipppd(8); this is probably the same as "usepeerdns"
> for pppd) which gets nameserver-addresses assigned from the provider.

For intermittently connected systems (which is usually the case if
you want to configure DNS via ipppd), I now recommend using dnrd.
dnrd comes with an ip-up.d script that works fine with both ppp and
ipppd.  In fact, the new version of ipppd will "Suggest: dnrd".

Felix Natter

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