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Re: PDAs

Dont write off EPOC devices so quickly. PSION are doing quite well at
the moment with the Revo and they are very popular here in the UK.

I use a 5MX and its very good with a slot for flash expansion cards
and a keyboard you can actually use. It syncs really well with Outlook
etc (good for work where MS is the corporate standard and the MIS guys
havent even heard of postscript as a file format).

There are currently no utilities for syncing with Linux but you can
mount its file system from LInux (over infra red even) and copy stuff
backwards and forwards.

Wether its better than a PALM type device depends on what you want. If
you just mainly want a contacts database and a diary then go for a
PALM they are small and sync nicely with Linux PIMs however if you
want to actually type on the thing and maybe use it as a dumb terminal
(I often setup routers using my PSION) or keep PDFs etc for instant
reference on it (you can stuff 320Mb flash cards in a PSION - but not
the REVO it has no expansion slots) choose a PSION.


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