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Re: PDAs

on Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 12:31:57PM -0400, Carl Fink (carlf@panix.com) wrote:
> I'm going to buy a PDA within the next week or so.  After fairly
> extensive research it looks like I have to get a PalmOS device.  EPOC
> is seemingly dead in the water, Compaq isn't selling their devices
> without Windows on them, and Agenda VRs (bizarrely) can't sync with
> Linxu systems, according to PDA Buzz.
> So, anyone on this list have a "gotcha" warning for me?  I'm thinking
> of going to a computer show this weekend and buying a used Palm or
> Visor, if they have any.  I don't want to invest $400 only to find
> out I don't like PDAs.

I've got a Palm IIIe (yes, th dinky memory job), which serves me fine.
I could see 8MB being an asset over the 2 MB I've got, but otherwise
have no major complaints.

Screen readability and handwriting recognition are the two most common
issues -- I use the thing as an address list, notebook, calendar, and
for stowing sensitive information -- in an encrypted database,
"Cryptinfo" -- the Palm's own security features are a joke.

Size, weight, battery life, rechargeability, apps, memory, and
visibility are probably the main considerations.  The III series uses
nonrechargeable "AAA" (I think) cells, but I get a few months per charge
(after the first week of use, at any rate, in which I ran through a set
of batteries pretty darned fast).  Other systems (Palm, Handspring)
offer rechargeable units which have less life-per-charge but don't send
you scurrying for fresh batteries every month or so.

Wireless is a joke.  The idea of an integrated PDE/cell phone is
actually interesting, though I haven't used one myself and don't know
how well they're living up to the promise.

The Agenda VR/3 should, if I'm remembering articles correctly, be able
to rsync with your GNU/Linux box ;-)

A friend who's into the stuff likes Symbian based devices (cf:  Psion).
Less crippled than the Palm OS, but less ubiquitous.

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