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Slow server due to reverse lookup


I have a tftp/ftp server running 2.2 in a lab environment. This thing
is basically for people to ftp files to then tftp them down to routers
etc for testing the code.

Unfortunately both FTP and TFTP are extremely slow to connect (like
over 20 seconds) and often the clients timeout. Once connected its
fine, also if the clients host address is in the hosts file then
connection is very quick.

I am assuming that the server is doing a reverse lookup on all
incoming tcp conections. Since the test lab has no DNS and the
machines can have an ip address in a range that covers several
thousand addresses (its a claa B network) I really don't want to type
all the ip addresses into the hosts file with dummy names. Is there
anyway to turn of the reverse lookup and make life easier as this is a
secure network not connected to the Internet ?



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