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Re: [OT] Minimum CPU speed for playing DIVX avis?

Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I got mplayer (http://mplayer.sourceforge.net) working very nicely, only
> that CPU utilization is constantly at 100% (~ 92% user, 8% system) and
> sound is very broken after 10 seconds playing.  The video is fine
> though.
> I have a 333MHz Celeron with MMX, use X 3.3.6 from woody, and have a
> very shitty 4MB PCI graphic card.

upgrade CPU and video card. i upgraded from dual 466 celeron(piece of shit)
to a p3-800 last year just because of DivX. At the time i had a voodoo3
2000 AGP videocard under Xfree 3.3.6/potato. now i have a voodoo3 3500
AGP under xfree 3.3.6/potato. also have 512MB of memory im not sure
how much extra ram helps(id suggest at LEAST 256MB for any machine
no matter what). the dual 466 could barely keep up with a divx
playing in ~640x480 30fps.

testing now a 512x224(23fps) DiVx with 1500kbit/s 48khz stereo sound
looks like aviplay is hoveraing around 25% utilization. doubling
the size of the video(still windowed not playing fullscreen) 
increases cpu to 31-36%. fullscreen works fine too. never drops
a frame or skips an audio beat

runnin 1600x1200x16bit @ 75hz. also playing the DiVx over NFS,
so that may take some of the cpu ....who knows.


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