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Re: small school: replacements for MS Word and Excel

On Mon, Jun 04, 2001 at 09:07:43PM -0700, Forrest English wrote:
| you could tell the people that this is a more advanced OS, and to NOT hit
| the power switch.
| i mean, it's just a thought.  

It's a nice thought, but since when do people actually listen?

I know that with my machine I don't _have_ to connect the reset or the
power button to the motherboard.  If they're not connected then
pushing them won't cause any harm.  Of course, there's still the main
(mechanical) switch on the back of the power supply and the power cord
or even the circuit breakers on the building, but I think thats going
overboard :-).

| i've never had a problem with ext2, and there are power outages here all
| the time, and my ups is to weak to handle more than my server and dsl
| router.  somtimes i've had to run fsck manually, but after that no
| problems.

I've only had 1 problem with my system where I had to run fsck and
I've hit the power button a few times -- usually when the disk stopped
responding (weak power supply ..., I now have all new hardware except
hard drive, keyboard and mouse) or occaisonally when the whole
interface (X, keyboard, etc) stopped responding and I didn't feel like
going somewhere else to try and find a telnet to fix it.

I had a major problem with VFAT (Win98) once when I plugged the
keyboard and mouse in the wrong ports.  I had been using a menu in
config.sys to dual boot, and I had no default entry specified.  With
the keyboard and mouse in the wrong ports I couldn't select anything
(even after I switched them).  The only choice was a hard reset.  My
config.sys disappeard after that and something was wrong with either
emm386.sys or himem.sys.  Fortunately vim had left behind a swap file
from the last time I edited config.sys so I was able to boot with a
floppy and recover it.  I never did get the other problem fixed until
I reinstalled the whole thing from the manuf. CD (not a plain M$ Win98
CD).  I had tried copying the file from my Dad's Win95 box but it
didn't seem to help.  (Win98 is still on that hard drive, in that box,
but its not mine anymore)


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