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Re: installing unstable version

On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 11:13:27AM +0200, Tobias S. Hofer wrote:
:hello people
:i'm interrested in installing an unstable version of debian.
:what's the best way to do this. i prefere to download the
:packages from ftp servers.
:it seems to me that an unstable package tree does not contain
:all the required packages.

I've installed a number of "unstable" machines.  My prefered method is
to use a "stable" CD or floppy install and when prompted for install
method, pick edit sources by hand replacing "stable" with "unstable"
or "testing" *except* for the security.debian.org listing.

one note the editor you will be in is "ae" to save use "C-x C-w
<RET>", this is hell on us emacs guys, close but not quite...


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