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Re: SVGATextmode and Banshee

ricky@beeldbron.nl writes:

> Hai List,
> I would like to setup SVGATextmode on my Debian box with an 3d Blaster
> Banshee card, but I can't find no modes in the configfile. Can I use
> something from my XF86Config or should I look further? Or can I use the
> settings from any other card who is listed in Textmodeconfig?
> Thanks in advance
> Mark Lamers

Some file in the SVGATextmode mentions it is not supported anymore,
one reason for that is that you can change resolution for the console
from the kernel (but, alas, only at boot time I gather) so just give
the 'vga=ask' parameter to the kernel at boot time to get a list of
available resolutions (check
/usr/src/kernel-source-2.4.4/Documentation/svga.txt (fill in your
kernel version)).


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