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SupraExpress @ 38400 and 57600

I've been using 14.4's and 28.8's on AOL for a year now with both 68K and 

Buy going to Set Up and rolling my own with hayes error corrcting there, I 
get 38400 Sign On's with the 68K's and AOL 3 &4 and 57600 with AOL4 and the 

AOL makes it easy......I've never been able to figure out all that arcane 
stuff predating AOL......then again I could never learn Guitar chords...this 
is why I'm into Macs......couldn't learn DOS either,15 years ago.....stayed 
away from 'puter's 'till a year and a half ago......

So I'm not interested in DSL or Cable modems, that's sure!


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