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--look like my video card is flawed...in answer to blurry text on monitor...

On Tue, 22 May 2001, Steve Cooper wrote:

> Rick Commo wrote:
> > > is the video card that is sending faulty signals? or
> > > is it the monitor. The monitor is a Mag MXP17F about 6 years old.
> > > Any thoughts? Is there someway I can definitely confirm that the
> > > monitor is faulty or the videocard. Can I focus the monitor?
> >
> > It's most likely the monitor.  That has components that "wear" electrically.
> > That is to say, components subjected to heat and aging.
> FWIW - If your monitor has an alternate set of BNC connections (RGB) it may pay
> to switch to using a BNC cable.  I found with my Iiyama monitor that I got a much
> better signal with BNC cables.
> See if jiggling the cable end (both ends) changes the blurryness.  That could be
> a clue that it's either the cable or the connector.  You could try a contact
> cleaner spray (Radio Shack) on the connectors.  That also made a difference for
> me.

Thanks Steve,

Well I tried a different monitor and the appearance is still out of focus  uniformly everywhere
on the screen. Perhaps the fonts are inadequate. I suspect that the video card is ``out of
focus'' as it were. I know the monitor at work is crisper normally. It is a Viewsonic
PT813 (21in)... 

> Cheers,
> Steve
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