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Re: I've been getting scanned...

On Sun, May 27, 2001 at 12:15:12AM -0400, Carl Fink wrote:
> Which is kind of my point.  If I were made dictator of the Debian
> project (not bloody likely) I would declare all distributions to age
> out at six months:  at that point, unstable becomes testing, testing
> becomes frozen, frozen becomes stable, period.  And six months would
> be a MAXIMUM, not the standard cycle.  One year of built-in
> obsolescence is still a lot.

Unfortunately, code has a nasty habit of being ready when it's ready, not
when someone decrees that it should be ready.  Going to a calendar-based
release cycle would adversely affect stability.

If you don't want to be running year-old software (with the latest security
fixes backported), switch over to testing instead.  It's both pretty solid
and pretty recent.  But if you want/need the absolute reliability of stable,
that takes time.  If it takes a year to produce that stability, then the code
will be a year old when it's released and, short of spending lots of money to
buy testing and bugfixing time, there's nothing anyone can do about it.

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