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Re: new wmaker clutter

Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:
>  That's the "language button" or something like that.  I don't know, I
>  don't use it my self (and it shouldn't really pop up like that).  I
>  wonder what you did to get it to show up.  You can make it go away
>  using the Inspector (Attributes on the window menu).

I don't know. It's faintly possible I turned it on in WPrefs (I've
turned it off now anyway). But I don't remember using WPrefs in the past
month or so until all this title bar crufy showed up in the first place.

>  > It doesn't seem to do anything. Only a bit less annoying is how it
>  > adds [1], [2], etc after the title of windows, such as xterms, which
>  > I open more than one of.
>  Yes, that's getting on my nerves, too.  You can't disable it, and from
>  what I read from Dan, it will either stay or it will go, but there
>  won't be an option to disable it.  If there's no option to disable it,
>  I'll just kill it myself.

Looks really stupid that the title of this window is "mutt [9]", as if I
had nine running, and the window titled "apt-get upgrade [7]" right next
to it looks pretty dumb too. I really hope they reconsider.

see shy jo

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