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Re: First step with Mutt

on Tue, May 22, 2001 at 11:17:22PM +0000, Victor (vdemart@supereva.it) wrote:
> I'm accustomed to use graphic email reader such as kmail or balsa.
> Now I find very interesting the opportunity of adopting a console email 
> reader such as Mutt in terms of memory requirements, quickness and 
> flexibility.
> But I understand that Mutt is only a mere reader and in its documentation I 
> haven't found any clue on how to set it up in order to receive & send the 
> mail. 
> Therefore I suppose other programs are needed to make it work (think of 
> something hostile like exim, send-/fetch-/mail and so on).
> Could someone show me how I could configure e.g. exim to reach my ISP and my 
> smtp and pop3 servers ?

Have you installed exim?  Walking through the postinst configuration
should set it up properly for you.  If you need to reconfigure later:

    $ dpkg-reconfigure exim

You'll want fetchmail to, er, fetch mail.

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