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Re: Installing lilo on second hard disk

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 07:15:29AM -0400, punt45ACP@netscape.net wrote:
> Make a tiny partition (<= 15MB) on /dev/hda1 with mountpoint /boot.
> Have LiLo run from there...
> I guess you want to move it, because you want to run M$-Vaporware. If that's the case, use BootMagic from PowerQuest. That'll nest in the 1st primary partition and you can have it point to a LiLo on any partition on any disk.
No.  I just want to have a second fully functional copy of my Debian
system on the second hard disk so that I can take out the first hard
disk and the system can boot the second.

So I can't have anything on the first Hard disk.  It all must be on the
second including lilo.


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