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Re: config of xfree86 with i810

» V.Suresh disse isso e eu digo aquilo:

>   First, install all packages for X, mostly done during installation itself.
>   Now run xf86config, and select VGA-16. Then startx, see if X comes up,
>   It should, but with an ugly resolution & color. What you need is
>   SVGA server, but if you select SVGA during xf86config, and then
>   run startx, it wont come up. Now the real trouble. Two things I
>   did:

>     1. Compile 2.4.x kernel, and install it. Boot through 2.4.x kernel.

	That's not needed. I'm using 2.2.18-pre21.

> 	 2. Then, (I had previously downloaded .tgz files of XFree96 V 4.0)
> 	     install the X 4.0 packages. They will overwrite all your X 3.3.x
> 		  files. 

	It would have been better if you used deb packages for
it. Using the tgz way, dpkg will get a bit crazy about dependencies.

> 	 3. Now again xf86config, select SVGA server, then startx. VIOLA - All
> 	      The beauty of X + wmaker. ;-)

	In XFree4, there are not that lot of X servers from
XFree3. There is only one server - XFree86 - and several drivers. You
must specify it in xf86config.

> 			Correct me if I had done something silly. ;-)

	Silly thing you've done: you chose wmaker ;-PPP

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			(a.k.a Fujikuro)

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