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Re: smtp-refuser with sendmail problem

On Mon, 14 May 2001, Matus "fantomas" Uhlar wrote:

> -> I've not tried smtp-refuser, what does it do that access_db/rbl doesn't?
> block machines I don't wanna to mail me :)

You haven't answered the question

> -> If smtp-refuser is running on port 25 via inetd, what port is sendmail
> -> listening on?
> smtp-refuser doesn't run thgourh inetd...

Then help me help you...  being cute doens't give me much to go on!

> -> Anyway, lets see /etc/hosts.allow line 25 (and run tcpdchk to verify
> -> /etc/hosts.{allow,deny})
> well, the tcpdchk just reports enthing not to be in inetd.conf cause I run
> xinetd...

Ok, that one may help a little...

Since I noted that I don't run this toy, you're going to have to fill me
in on some real information before I can provide any help.

How does smtp-refuser work - show me the control/data flow from
`telnet localhost 25` -> sendmail...

I'm guessing (because at this point thats all I can do):

If smtp-refuser uses TCPD, it may interfere with sendmails use TCPD -
Both may be invoking your twist clause, and the first may not've
completed before the second starts - which might be the dup problem.
Rick Nelson
Linux is obsolete
(Andrew Tanenbaum)

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