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Printing problems with pdq & Kernel 2.4.4

Kernel Versions: 2.4.2 & 2.4.4
pdq: 2.2.1-4
on Woody

I frequently (sometimes it seems to work, usually it doesn't) encounter
the following problem when trying to print with pdq running on a 2.4.4

When I tell pdq to print a given (Postscript) document, it tells me that
it doesn't know how to print this filetype and cancels.
According to my boot messages though, the Kernel sets up /dev/lp0 and 
recognizes my printer (well, it reads the vendor information).

However, I can cat text files to the printer w/o problems, and if I
invoke gs manually (which is a royal pain in the neck), printing works
as well.

Now, when I boot the 2.4.2 kernel, pdq works entirely as it should, recognizing
a Postscript document and invoking gs accordingly.
Please, someone help me - I'm going nuts over this ... the printer seems to
be ok on one hand (gs works well in 2.4.4), but on the other hand pdq refuses
to work on 2.4.4 and works well in 2.4.2, and I don't have the slightest bit
of a clue about how to proceed from here ...


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