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Re: configuring Xircom Realport CardBus Multi-Function Card: RBEM56G-100 under Linux

Hello Wilson,

* Wilson Yau wrote:

> Hi, I am trying to get a Xircom RealPort CardBus multi-function card
> (10/100 + 56k modem) [model: RBEM56G-100] working under a Dell Latitude
> CPi R400GT runnning Debian Linux Potato w/ 2.4.4 kernel, but not yet
> successful. :-(
> When I compiled the kernel, I did check the following options/modules:
> 1./ General setup --> PCMCIA/CardBus support --> CardBus support &
> i82365 compatible bridge support;
> 2./ Network device support --> PCMCIA network device support --> Xircom
> 16-bit PCMCIA support & Xircom Tulip-like CardBus support.

Try this options:
[*] Support for hot-pluggable devices
<*> PCMCIA/CardBus support
[*]   CardBus support

Shit it seems, that the new driver did'nt make it into 2.4.4.
Try 2.4.4-ac7
linux-2.4.4$ bzcat ../patch-2.4.4-ac7.bz2 |patch -p1
<M>   Xircom CardBus support (new driver) (NEW)
> When doing  #/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart, got one high beep followed by
> one very low beep :/)

Forget everything about pcmcia-cs, and use hotplug.
(delete pcmcia-cs-package, or disable it)

> It seems that the module detected (CBEM56G) did not match the actual
> card (RBEM56G-100)?
> I know drivers support for Xircom card is not still experimental, but it
> did work before even under a 2.2.14 kernel.
> What did I miss?

There's a new driver and a new tool/skript to support
this card. 
It works without ifconfig promisc, and also very great with
dhcpclient, if you modify net.agent a little bit.


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