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Re: Multi-platform software development

- Portable C++ GUI toolkits
  * wxWindows (wxwindows.org)
  * QT (trolltech.com)

- Python
  * wxPython (wxpython.org)
  * Tk (python.org, activestate.com)
  * jython (Python implemented in Java with access to all of Java classes)

- Tcl
  * Tcl/Tk (scriptics.com?)

- Java
  * JDK (java.sun.com)

I hope this helps


--- romeu@petrobras.com.br wrote:
> Hello, debian users.
> I have a question not so specific to debian, but I'm sure you can help me.
> I'm in the need of developing a multi-platform system.
> Can anyone give me a hint of which tool's (libraries) to use? I'd like to
> develop applications for linux(es), unix(es) and windows.
> I'm even about to pay a little amount of money for it.
> Oh, I'm talking about GUI objects ( I think C++ written objects are 'a
> must') and libraries.
> Thanks.
> Gaucho
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