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Re: compaq on board sound

Compaq (~1995) used ESS-based chipsets for their "on board" sound.  It
turns out that it was a degenerate SB16.  I had the devil's own time
getting it to work.  I've a feeling that Compaq didn't change vendors
(they have a history of sticking with the same vendors), so you should
look to either the sb or the ESS modules, but plan on spending a lot of
sweat equity getting it to work.  HTH

On Fri, 11 May 2001, Renai LeMay wrote:

>hi guys,
>I would like to get the on board sound card on my compaq presario 2415
>working. I've been looking on the net for about an hour, and can't find any
>documentation on what driver to use, how to set it up etc.
>If anyone could give me a hand on pointing me to some docos that would be

void hamlet()
{#define question=((bb)||(!bb))}

Who is John Galt?  galt@inconnu.isu.edu. that's who!

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