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Re: Debian install/2.4 Kernel/ATA-100 RAID

Sorry i was jsut wondering if anyone was READING the entire question...
I would help if i could but i dont know, HERE :

	The man would like to know how to install Debian having the Whole drive 
being a Software RAID, he wants to install CLEAN w/ the raid, now he has 
'/boot' [estimated about 30mb] now i dont see how u plan for him to install 
debian on a 30mb partition, remake a kernel and then setup the raid as part 
of the installation...

Sorry, i just didnt like seeing the man ask a question 4 times and have 
people tell him to install a patch [which he CAN NOT install] to get a raid 
'/' working...

- overid3 =)

P.S. - trully sorry...

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