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Re: IDE raid - which is better ? - modifying

hi ya jason

my silly thinking says...

one cannot convert non-raid ide controllers into a hw raid controller
by adding or cutting wires/traces/resistors

-- write large file,  largefoo.txt to the 'disK'

and while it is writing it to the mirror/raid......be nice
and do a proper shut down of the system ( your favorite way )
and see if the mirror or that raid5 is still intact...i bet it wont...
in the kludged controller setup

- there is buffering that is going on in the hw raid controller
	- to write data into block 10000 - 12000
	and do the same to the mirror disks... and until that tasks
	is done...it keep trying...

	- if the write fails...the hw raid controller will keep trying
	to write that data ... when it comes back online...
		- it'd better
		- it'd continue to try to re-sync itself !!!

- raid testing can be fun or annoying if it fails...
  to save/store/recover data without losing it...

c ya

On Wed, 9 May 2001, Jason Pepas wrote:

> > > Promise has two cards that are very much alike. The Ultra100 IDE
> > > controller and the FastTrack100 IDE RAID controller. They are so
> much a
> > > like that with a little soldering you can convert the Ultra to a
> > > FastTrack.
> actually, you dont even have to physically modify the card at all.  You
> can accomplish the same thing by modifying the IDE cables which you use
> with the promise IDE controller (it involves soldering a resistor
> between two of the wires in the IDE cable).  That, and flashing its
> I dont have a link handy but I am sure google will turn up something if
> you are interested.
> jason
> jason@pepas.com
> jason.pepas.com
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