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Re: [users] Re: Blocking spam

also sprach Alvin Oga (on Tue, 08 May 2001 12:38:33PM -0700):
> if you can telnet into the machine...
> at port 110, you can probably login on the telnet/ssh port ???

do what? think about this again. what if your POP3 server is a windoze

> 	- i think that if one were using insecure pop3, they
> 	might as well allow you to telnet/ssh in....
> 		( your already have a login account )

almost correct. POP3 is a joke and if you POP3 into a machine on which
you have a shell account, you are stupid (or using windoze).
alternatives are SSH tunnels, local checking, or SSL POP3.

> if so, ssh in as a regular user,
> run elm/pine locally on the server and delete the emails ...
> - send/reply to the emails from the server

of set up an SSH tunnel and check your mail against that.

i personally used the latter until i installed sslwrap and now i have
port 995 open for POP3 over SSL.

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