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Re: [users] Re: Blocking spam

also sprach V.Suresh (on Tue, 08 May 2001 10:51:54PM +0600):
>  I do use procmail, and  if i am right, procmail will start work only
>  after the whole mail has been downloaded by fetchmail, am I right?
>   Suppose a mail of 200 KB resides in your inbox on a pop3server,
>   and you want to delete it in the server, without retrieving it, how doyou
>   do that?

figure out which mail it is (i.e. which index), then telnet to port
110 of your isp and delete it yourself with the following command
sequence (this is POP3):

%> telnet mail 110
USER username
PASS password

you can use RETR 34, RETR 35, RETR 36, etc. before to make sure you
are deleting the right message.

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