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Re: Blocking spam

 I do use procmail, and  if i am right, procmail will start work only
 after the whole mail has been downloaded by fetchmail, am I right?
  Suppose a mail of 200 KB resides in your inbox on a pop3server,
  and you want to delete it in the server, without retrieving it, how doyou
  do that?

Once upon a time, "sentiniate@libero.it" <sentiniate@libero.it> found a keyboard. And typed:
>> I want to delete a mail in my ISP's popserver without downloading it 
>if it
>> is from a particular person. I use fetchmail, exim on dialup. How do I
>> do this?
>you should use ~/.procmailrc to filter your mail as follows:
>* ^from.*spammer@spamland\.com
>* ^from.*sex
>you utilize procmail, don't you;-)
>if not have a look at http://www.ee.byu.edu/support/procmail/
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