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Re: vim tip-o-rama

also sprach mdevin (on Wed, 02 May 2001 03:12:19PM +1000):
> Can you explain further how that works to someone who barely know
> that i puts vim in insert mode and esc takes it out?  I had a look
> at the manpage and vimtutor and I can't see how gqip works - but it
> did work and it is cool!

i haven't heard of gqip before this, the official way of doing the
same is gq}. at least i've been with vim pretty much since it started
and that's how it's been...

gq is a composite command which replaces the former G, which is now
used differently.
the formal definition of the command is something like


which is typical vi(m): you specify a command, and then you move over
the text to which you want the command applied. since } steps to the
end of the paragraph, the entire paragraph will be gq'd. for this to
work, you need to be at the beginning of the paragraph, something gqip
doesn't require (yes, i want an analysis of the ip movement too).
nevertheless, you can't do this with gqip:


which reformats the entire document.

> Also can you give me a tip on how to make mutt with vim wrap the
> lines at 72 chars or does everyone just press enter when the text is
> near the side of the page?  Because I didn't on these last 3 lines
> to see how it would look when I posted it.  Sorry if that upsets
> people.  I normally use netscape mail but am beginning to use mutt
> (with vim).

my relevant settings:

set nowrap
set nolinebreak
set textwidth=0
set wrapmargin=10
set wrapscan

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