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Re: Postfix or Exim?

On Sun, May 06, 2001 at 10:40:21AM +1000, mdevin wrote:
> Look, I know this is a flame bait question.  I was interested in trying
> Postfix because I thought it may be more customisable and easier to set
> up.  However, I had trouble getting it to work because it complained
> that port 25 was already taken:
> postfix/master[1011]: fatal: bind port 25: Address already in
> use
> I think this was due to inetd binding this port for some reason.  I had
> upgraded from Exim and it was gone and there was no other smtp daemon
> running.  I didn't try telnetting into port 25 but I did comment out the
> smtp part in inetd.conf and it still wouldn't run.  I also checked with

Nah - this often happens - I get it a lot with bind. It's just a matter of
starting something else up that binds to a socket and that causes the
newly released sockets to be actually released: a simple ping will often
solve it. Or you could do a kill -HUP 1 and then an /etc/init.d/inet restart
to make sure.

> ps aux and there was no hint of exim.
> So my question is, should I bother with postfix?  Is it easier to
> customise, edit headers etc?  Is it more robust?  What are some of the
> advantages that made some of you change to postfix?

It is not easier to customise: exim wins there. However, postfix is much
much much more security conscious, and is generally a more robust program.
I use it here with maildrop to pump my mail straight into folders which I
then access via uw-imapd and mutt over imaps which is really fun!

...but a little silly ;-P



Matthew Sackman

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