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Re: Getting realplayer streams to disk files

on Sun, May 06, 2001 at 08:46:33AM -0400, Sean (snmjohnson@iclub.org) wrote:
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> > > I'm just amazed that it is so important to block us from caching
> > > postage-stamp sized movie commercials, and 10-second snips of music.
> > > What I hate is that with RealPlayer, I have seen "net congestion" errors
> > > even the *second* time I play a clip!  Can't they cache the whole thing
> > > in a temp file or something?  I've got the disk space.
> >
> > Ditto.  RealAudio sucks in this regard.
> >
> > Caching is a key feature of the Internet.  The fact that RealAudio
> > specifically and pointedly breaks this is beyond dumbth.
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> If you could cache the streamed content, then you would have the ability to 
> redistribute it. Real Player doesn't want this to happen, as are terrified to 
> be lumped into the same ball of wax as Napster.
> Of course this is just speculation ....

That's likely the theory.  However, it's already shown possible to
capture the stream at several points, including as audio output if all
else fails.

Caching a one-time key encrypted version of the file, say, might allow
for some reasonable level of protection while enabling caching.  Note
that this would probably be subject to circumvention, but at least
provides a bar.

Frankly, I'm with those who wonder why so much low-value content is made
so hard to get.  Caching greatly increases the usefulness of Internet

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