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Re: Shutdown/switching computer power off automatically ?

Darren Wyn Rees wrote:

I've noticed that Linux Mandrake 7.2 is the only Linux distribution
I've come across that actually switches off my (ATX) computer after

What is Linux Mandrake doing differently, say compared with a recent
Debian, which just hangs at "power down/off" ?

If I'm not totally wrong on this that's because Mandrake probably enables ACPI in the stock kernel they intallm and run acpid automaticallyI don't know if APM can shutdown the box like that (I don't
think so, but I'm not sure).

So, my suggestion (there could be easier ways, who knows) is when you compile a custom kernel (you can even install a recent version as an excuse :) ) you activate the ACPI support and be sure to install acpid; it
will powerdown when  given an halt.

Hope it helps,


Frederico S. Muñoz

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