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removal catch-22

I have been plagued by this for a long time, decided to do something about
it and messed up. Who has kind words of advice?

I'm running Potato 2.2r1 on a P200 desktop. For some reason (honestly, I
didn't do it consciously) irda-common-0.9.5-2 was installed, but never
wanted to get configured (and I don't even have ir hardware installed). It
also wouldn't let itself be removed, claiming that it needed to get
re-installed before being able to be removed. Re-install didn't help, so I
build a newer deb-version from testing sources. That didn't help either.
Installed the older version again, but now things have gone really bad:
dselect shows this package as RC**, it says it's in a very bad inconsistent
state and should be re-installed before being removed. 

To make things worse than that, other packages can't be installed now
either, because the configuration error of irda-common blocks their
configuration. How to get out of this? Thanks for the help. --Hans

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