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Re: difficulty with autofs mounting my home directory

hi ferret

autofs hides things that would be under your mount point
	ie using autofs to mount server:/home /home will
	hide all your /home/<stuff> on your local pc...
	..all you'd see is server:/home

	- thats good and bad...depending....

you probably need to do some symlinks to get the desired
effect of what you're looking for ???

Lets say you have these files....

	# make sure /.autofs exists...
	/.autofs   /etc/auto.misc --timeout 600

	acct	acct_server:/path/acct
	music	music_server:/path/music

make sure you can manually mount those remote fs before
attempting it with automounters

cd /share
ln -s /.autofs/acct /share/acct
ln -s /.autofs/music  /share/music
	= stop and start autofs to load the changes

now you can access your stuff on any server with the above autofs
config files
	ls -la /share/acct/*
	ls -la /share/music/*

i think how you got into the directory would affect what shows
for PS1.... whether ~ or hardpaths.... an option you need to define
in .bashrc
	# ... stuff in .bashrc 
	# either set it or unset it...
	set hardpaths

the other way to automount remote fs is to use amd.... :-)

have fun

On Wed, 2 May 2001 idalton@ferret.phonewave.net wrote:

> I can't figure this out.. I want a consistant directory structure across
> my network, and I want to have all my nfs-mounts using autofs4.
> The problem:
> I have my home directories under /share/acct/, and I have extra project
> space from another server under /share/projects, and I have an mp3/ogg
> archive on that same server under /share/music.
> If I use the autofs package to mount the /share/acct export, it will
> 'hide' everything it doesn't manage under /share. So /share/projects and
> /share/music will be hidden. Hidden from the nfs-server on this machine.
> I discovered a partial workaround, by making autofs manage
> /share/.autofs and symlinking /share/projects ->
> /share/.autofs/projects, and /share/music -> /share/.autofs/music.
> But if I do this with /share/acct -> /share/.autofs/acct, little things
> break in annoying ways. The PS1 prompt in bash now displays
> /share/.autofs/acct/idalton instead of ~ for my home PWD, for example.
> Details:
> Server tarot exports /share/acct to the rest of the network and exports
> user accounts by NIS. Server heathen exports /share/projects and
> /share/music to the rest of the network.
> Server tarot needs to access heathen:/share/projects at /share/projects
> and heathen:/share/music at /share/music.
> Server heathen needs to access tarot:/share/acct at /share/acct WITHOUT
> that PWD behaviour.
> Workstation bicycle doesn't export anything out of its /share, so I can
> just have autofs manage /share directly and not have any of these
> problems.
> So, what are the alternatives?
> -- Ferret
> -- 
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